Curriculum (2022-23)

Syllabus Pre KG – Grade 5 (Session 2022-23)

Syllabus Grade VI to VIII (Session 2022 -23)




There will be two Terms :

Half Yearly             – Term I

Final Exams          – Term – II

The marks division will be as follows (in each term):

  1. Written Exam -80 marks
  2. Periodic Tests -10 marks (Best four assessments will be considered). }

*In each periodic test, 2 G.K. questions will be given. (1 topic based

and other based on current affairs as per the topic).                                         }

  1. Note Book submission -3 marks                                                            }  Periodic Assessment

(regularity, neatness, punctuality and notebook upkeep)).                               }  20 marks

  1. Subject enrichment activities –   3 marks                                                }  for I – VIII

(Reading, Recitation, Role Play, Quiz Declamation, ALS, Lab work,

project and other subject related activities).                                                    }

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ALS) will be done by teachers other than the subject teachers.                                                                                       }

  1. Handwriting, Hobby, Sports and ACC participation. – 4 marks (1 marks each)


For Final Exams:


Written exam of 80 marks will include syllabus as below:

  Classes  I – II : 5% of Term I covering significant topics + entire syllabus of Term II.

  Classes III-VIII : 40% of Term I covering significant topics + entire syllabus of Term II.

  Classes IX to XII:  As per CBSE guidelines

  • Half yearly exams will commence in the last week of September.
  • Final exams will commence w.e.f. last week of February 2023 * Final exams date sheet, according to Board dates will be provided.

Note:  It is mandatory to get minimum of 33% marks to clear the exam. Grading scale

Grading Scale

Marks RangeGrade


Re-examination for the slow bloomers/absentees (For Grade I to IX and XI) will be conducted and a fee of Rs. 250 per subject will be charged.

For I – VIII Grading on discipline will be on a 3 point scale and will include attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respect for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and school.