Curriculum (2021-22)



There will be two Terms:

  1. Half Yearly  – I Term

  2. Final Exams   – II Term

The marks division will be as follows (in each term):

  1. Written Exam – 80 marks
  2. Periodic Tests – 10 marks (Best four assessments will be considered)**
  3. Note Book submission – 5 marks**

(Regularity, neatness, punctuality and notebook upkeep)

  1. Subject enrichment activities –  5 marks**
  2. ASL, Lab work, project and other subject related activities**

** Periodic Assessment of 20 marks for class I to X

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) will be done by teachers other than the subject teachers.

For Final Term:

Written exam of 80 marks will include syllabus as below:

Class  I – V : 5% of Ist term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2nd term.

Class VI :  10% of Ist term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2nd term.

Class VII : 20% of Ist term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2nd term.

Class VIII: 30% of Ist term covering significant topics + entire syllabus of 2nd term.  

Class IX & X will get the whole syllabus for Annual Exam (I Term & II Term)    

Class XI & XII:  will have 3 exams Half Yearly, Pre-Annual, Annual.

*Half yearly Exams will commence in September.


Note:  It is mandatory to get minimum 27 marks out of 80   to clear the exam

It is mandatory to get minimum 7 marks out of 20  to clear assessment criteria

XI10% Weightage10% Weightage80% weightage (Conducted by school)
XII100 marks (No Weightage for Board Exam)100 marks   (No Weightage for Board Exam)100 marks (conducted by CBSE)

In XI Cumulative assessment of theory exam will be considered to clear the criteria.                            


 IX & X

IX80 marks80 marks80 marks (Conducted by the school)
X80 marks (No Weightage for Board Exam)80  marks (No Weightage for Board Exam)80  marks (conducted by CBSE)


Grading scale for Scholastic areas:

Grades are awarded on a   8 – point scale

91 – 100A1
81 – 90A2
71 – 80B1
61 – 70B2
51 – 60C1
41 – 50C2
33 – 40D

For Grade IX & X,  32 marks and below – E Grade is Failed.

For I – VIII Grading on discipline will be on a 3 point scale and will include attendance, sincerity, behaviour, values, tidiness, respect for rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation and school.

Parents are requested to note:

Any child who does not deserve even a C Grade in Discipline, will be moved to another section for better performance.

For Grade IX  & X grading for co-scholastic areas will be done on a 5 point scale  A – E.

Grading Scale for Co-Scholastic Areas.

Grades are awarded on a 3 point scale.

A                                      –        Outstanding
B                                      –        Very Good
C                                      –         Fair

Recognition badges will be given to the children who show improvement in percentage (at least 20%) during the session.

Prep Period

Our school authorities very well understand the importance of Prep Period i.e Performance Review And Enhancement Performance. Prep Period is actually preparatory period, wherein a teacher prepares his/her lessons or students for their test or for some other important ongoing activity. The Prep -period has improved the quality of performance as everything is revised in class. Parents feel indebted for such an amazing facility being provided by school. Not only this, they also feel that the trend of Tuition Culture has also decreased.



HOTS classes are arranged on a regular basis for all those who need to horn their Higher Order Thinking Skills. Their academic syllabus is planned beyond the text books.

Learning Centers

Learning centers are a great opportunity for students to focus in an area that challenge them by providing extra help to all such struggling students who cannot pace it up with the rest of the class. Remedial classes are held in these learning centers for struggling students. School provides this arrangement for class I-XII for all subjects. This helps struggling students shore up their basic skills and also helps them to catch up with their peer. A set time- table is followed for these classes. Students of classes I-X  attend these classes in their prep period and for  XI-XI the same has been arranged in 8th period. The main reason of success of these classes is the systematic way based on readiness level and interests of the students.


Value Based Education(Inculcating Moral Values)

Keeping in view the diminishing moral values our school aims at providing Value Based Education. For this  moral lectures, value-based classes, and counseling sessions are conducted from time to time.Not only this, Moral Values are also discussed in all the subjects after each and every topic. Every possible step is taken by the school authorities for the best possible fusion of western and traditional style of teaching. Teens get an extra coating of moral values with personal examples, and quotes from Mythological books, so that they can present themselves as a good human being and follow and promote our life long Indian traditions. So, our school follows such combinations of teaching wherein value based lessons are taught.