A number of facilities are provided to the students for their Holistic Growth and to make their school life memorable experience for years to come.

Scientific Workstation : The students carry out experiments utilizing the essential instruments & Scientific appliances in the laboratories and infer conclusions. The laboratories act as a medium for the students to explore and learn at the same time.

Halls : The school holds innumerable activities and competitions during the session for students in the Multimedia Hall and the Assembly Hall which are facilitated with air conditioners and projectors.

Store House of Knowledge : The abundant book stock, present in the three Libraries, caters and feeds the brains of the students related to their age group. The students are issued the book of their choice on demand. The school is also planning to have a Digital Library of its own.

Medical Facility: Accidents and illness come unannounced. Considering this, a trained Medical Officer is deployed, who attends to the ailing or injured. A sick / bruised child is immediately given First-Aid before he / she is handed over to the parents.

Savvy Room : Savvy room is a place where the children develop their Cognitive and Motor Skills in a colourful, irresistible surrounding which captivates them and inspires them to work independently. The room is equipped with lots of brain teasers and many more games. A similar sort of Activity Room is maintained in the Toddlers’ Wing for the kindergarten kids.

Splash Pool : Toddlers enjoy squirting water at each other and spatter down their stress in a clean and hygienic Splash Pool exquisitely made for them.

Sand Pit : The tiny tots anxiously wait to become the Ships of the Desert in the sand pits.

Amusement Parks : Safe playing arenas with enticing swings, slides, monkey ladder etc. are an added attraction for Toddlers’ and Primary Wing students. A majestic Play Station in the Toddlers’ Wing tempts and comes in the way of children going home.

International Exposure : The SDVians participate in events like ‘Model United Nations’ and ‘Exchange Programs’ and henceforth gain the experience of sharing a platform with International personalities.

SDVMUN: The school has successfully hosted three Model United Nations or MUN since 2015. Every year many students from various schools in and around Ambala participate in this annual conference that claims to provide students with practical experience of negotiations is its ability to induce realism in the activity. The SDVMUN provides this realism through the numerous student foreign diplomats and dignitaries who visit each year and undertake an extensive dialogue about the issues under discussion. The speakers are forerunners in their field of politics, economics, arts, social work, public policy, international affairs etc. with extensive research behind them. They are invited to discuss the various agendas being discussed to further enhance their knowledge.

SDVMUN is an academic simulation of the United Nations with an aim to educate and make the participants understand the functioning and policy formation of governments of different countries, results of globalization, the role of communication in co-operation amongst nations, and multilateral diplomacy as a means to combat various issues.

Sports : Students are also given an opportunity to participate in International, National, State, and District level sports from time to time. Our Students have been selected and represented the nation at International level.

Gymnasium : A High Tech Gymnasium is an asset of the school and the students use the exercise machines arranged in the gym to stay fit and healthy. The facility is offered during and post school hours. Not only this, the tiny tots also, hunt for fun & frolic by getting wild in the Jungle Gym.

Transportation : The school owns a fleet of buses for commuting. Trained drivers with male & female attendants are deployed to drive these buses, which are well equipped with First-Aid boxes and other safety measures are taken care of for the children. This facility is offered at subsidized rates.

Potable Water : Eight water coolers are installed with Purifiers (water filters) at different water points in the school to provide cool, safe and hygienic drinking water to the students.

Generators : Facility of silent generators is available for the students in times of power cuts to ensure the continuous supply of electricity so that the efficiency of teacher and the taught does not suffer.

Fire Extinguishers :  The school takes care to save the children from any kind of disaster. In case of a fire emergency the school children’s safety is a matter of utmost priority. There are 45 fire extinguishers installed in various blocks of the building. Moreover Water Hydrant system is also available which is attached with water tanks of 90,000 liters capacity in school campus to handle any fire disaster. The staff of the school is trained to handle safety equipments, initiate emergency evacuators and to protect the students in the event of a fire emergency.

Counselling Cell : The Counselling Cell deals with the day to day problems of the students such as personal adjustment, relieving their work pressure and emotional trauma. Parents also consult the Counsellor to discuss the behavioral problems of their children.

KITCHEN GARDEN:   The school rooftop kitchen garden is first of its kind and a unique concept brought in the school to make the students learn its benefits. Besides the decorative benefit, roof plantings provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, and in large scale it even has ecological benefits. The students of the school learn about the benefits of the organic foods grown in their environment. There are variety of vegetables and spices which grow in the kitchen garden of the school like Radish, cauliflower, tomato, broccoli, green chillies, black pepper, cloves, etc.

SOLAR PANEL:  The SD Vidya School decided to go green and save the environment by installing a solar panel system in the school through which the school shall be producing sufficient electricity. The solar panel installed in the school is of 50KW power. Through this technology not only do the children get more “electricity hours” but they also learn how such technologies work, how it is installed and the ecological benefits. The school provides an opportunity to educate the children about how the system works, the various circuits, the panels and battery, taking care of these equipments and the cleaning and maintenance process.

CCTV:The security and safety of the students is of prime importance and for this the school has a web of close circuit cameras installed in every nook and corner to keep an eye on any anomaly or deviation in children’s behavior. There are in all 52 cameras installed at various points to keep a close vigilance in every corner of the school and any activity in the school can be monitored anytime. The cameras are in working mode 24×7 and ensure that no suspicious element or activity hampers the children’s security.

GUARDS: The school has employed a number of male and female guards to ensure the safety of the children against any suspicious activity. The boys and girls studying in the school are under keen observation of 2 female and 1 male guards all the time.