The security and safety of the students is of prime importance and for this the school has a web of close circuit cameras installed in every nook and corner to keep an eye on any anomaly or deviation in children’s behavior. There are in all 52 cameras installed at various points to keep a close vigilance in every corner of the school and any activity in the school can be monitored anytime. The cameras are in working mode 24×7 and ensure that no suspicious element or activity hampers the children’s security.


The school has employed a number of male and female guards to ensure the safety of the children against any suspicious activity. The boys and girls studying in the school are under keen observation of 2 female and 1 male guards all the time.


The school takes care to save the children from any kind of disaster. In case of a fire emergency the school children’s safety is a matter of utmost priority. There are 45 fire extinguishers installed in various blocks of the building. Moreover Water Hydrant system is also available which is attached with water tanks of 90000 liters capacity in school campus to handle any fire disaster. The staff of the school is trained to handle safety equipments, initiate emergency evacuators and to protect the students in the event of a fire emergency.


The main duties and responsibilities of MOD include; protecting his/her students and facilitating the visitors if any. He/She also ensures that all students are in proper discipline and uniform. He/She supervises the arrangements at the time of morning assembly and smooth dispersal of students at off time. MOD ensures punctuality of all house teachers as well as students. Not only the Houses have their MODs, but the coordinators also deploy wing wise teachers on duty every day  to keep an extra eye on special areas .The motive behind this surveillance is maintenance of proper discipline and safety of our students.It becomes the duty of the teacher to see that no class goes without a teacher and students  do not move aimlessly without their passes in the school campus .Proper rules of the corridors are followed by the children  of each wing and wishing  teachers as well as outsiders, walking on the left of the corridors, maintaining silence  in the corridor and if not  in line, stepping out of the class in a squad.

School Gates

Schools are equally responsible for the safety of children. Our school has three gates for senior wing and one gate for Toddlers. These gates allow the teachers on duty and the hospitality staff who are deployed in morning and at off time to verify visitors by seeking important information in their registers at the main gate and also permit exit in emergency situations. With all the possible measures like CCTV, visitors’ pass and written information of the visitors, parents are guaranteed safety of their wards.Part time teachers also to enter the school other than their duty hours only with permission.