Splash Pool : Toddlers’ enjoy squirting water at each other and spatter down their stress in a clean and hygienic Splash Pool exquisitely made for them.

Sand Pit : The tiny tots anxiously wait to become the Ships of the Desert in the sand pits.

Skating Rink : The SDVians of Toddlers’ and Senior Wing run for fun on wheels in their respective Skating Rinks.
Amusement Parks : Safe playing arenas with enticing swings, slides, monkey ladder etc. are an added attraction for Toddlers’ and Primary Wing students. A majestic Play Station in the Toddlers’ Wing tempts and comes in the way of children going home.

International Exposure : The SDVians participate in events like ‘Model United Nations’ and ‘Exchange Programs’ and henceforth gain the experience of sharing a platform with International personalities.

Sports : Students are also given an opportunity to participate in International, National, State, and District level sports from time to time. Our Students have been selected and represented the nation at International level.

Gymnasium : A High Tech Gymnasium is an asset of the school and the students use the exercise machines arranged in the gym to stay fit and healthy. The facility is offered during and post school hours. Not only this, the tiny tots also, hunt for fun & frolic by getting wild in the Jungle Gym.