Ph. No.0171 2634484
Fax No.0171 2600885
2Year of establishment of the School1985
3NOC issuing Date10 – April – 1989
4Is the school recognized? If yes, by which authority?Yes, Central Board of Secondary Education
5Status of Affiliation
Affiliation No.
Affiliation with the board since
Extension of Affiliation up to
Provisional Affiliation
31st March, 2021
6Name of Trust/ Society Registered undersection 25 of the company Act, 1956The SD College Society (Lahore)
  1. List of Members of School Managing Committee with their Address/ tenure and post held
Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Mr. B.K. SoniPresident, S.D. College Society(Lahore)
2Dr. DeshbandhuVice President S.D College Society (Lahore) and Manager of The SD Vidya School
3Mr. Ashok GurnaniGeneral Secretary, S.D. College Society(Lahore)
4Mr. Jagdish AroraFinance Secretary, S.D. College Society(Lahore)
5Ms. Shabnam NathVice President
6Ms. Neelinderjeet Kaur SandhuDirector Principal, The SD Vidya School, Ambala Cantt, Member Secretary
7Dr. Rajinder RanaPrincipal, S.D. College, Educationist
8Ms. Kavita NathPrincipal, The S D Vidya School, Noida, Educationist
9Ms. Seema MahindruPrincipal, KV 3, Cluster Head KV Ambala Cluster, Educationist
10Mr. Vivek KohliPrincipal Sohan Lal DAV B.Ed College, Educationist
11Mr. Ramesh BatraPrincipal Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Ram Bagh Road, Ambala Cantt, Educationist
12Ms. Rita MunjalDirector, Tulsi Public School, Ambala City, Educationist
13Ms. AnupamaPrincipal, Arya Girls College, Educationist
14Mr. S.S. KalraC.A.
15Mr. Vivek BhatiaParent
16Mrs. Rashmi BhagriaParent
17Mr. Deepak BhasinParent
18Mr. Arun GoyalStaff Member
19Ms. Seema GuptaStaff Member
20Ms. Deepali AnandParent Staff Member
21Ms. Indu SharmaParent Staff Member
22Ms. Surbhi GuptaParent Staff Member
23Mr. Jivtesh GargHall Mark Public School, Panchkula, Educationist

8. Name and official Address of the Manager :            Dr. Desh Bandhu

i) Email :   
ii) Ph. No.  :             9812053283

9. Area of the School Campus

i)in Acres5.41  acres
ii)in Sq. mtrs21935.2 meters
iii)Built up area (Sq. mtrs)5577.48  Sq. mtrs
iv)Area of play ground in Sq mtrs10860 Sq. mtrs
Other facilities:
i)Indoor gamesTable Tennis, Chess, Taekwando
ii)Dance RoomYes
iv)Music RoomsYes
v)Health & Medical CheckupYes

10. Details of Fee Structure (2021-22)

ParticularsAnnual ChargesMonthly Tution Fee
Pre-KG, LKG & UKG185003700
Class I155003700
Class II155003400
Class III-V145003100
Class VI-VIII145003150
Class XI-XII(Med)149005000
Class XI-XII(Comm)149003900
Class XI-XII(Humanities)149003700
Admission Fee (New Students)-33000/-
Admission fee XI class(Internal) 20000/-, XI Class(Outsider) 39000/-
  1. Transport Facility             :           Own Buses (Four)
  2. Particulars of Teaching Staff:



1Mrs. Neelinderjeet Kaur SandhuPrincipalM.A. (B.ED)26.11.197009.02.2016TrainedConfirmed
2Mrs. Anuroop JouhalCoordinator Toddlers’ WingB.A., B.ED, M.ED16.07.197206.03.2019TrainedConfirmed
3Mr. S.K. KhannaPGTM.COM,B.ED,MBA,UGC29.08.196817.07.1995TrainedConfirmed
4Mrs. Vibha MittalPGTM.A., M.PHIL,B.ED22.07.196717.10.1995TrainedConfirmed
5Mr. Parminder SachdevaPGTM.PED, M.PHIL15.12.196811.07.1998TrainedConfirmed
6Mrs. Dhaneshwari DubeyPGTM.SC, M.ED09.03.197212.07.1995TrainedConfirmed
7Mrs. Vandana SharmaPGTM.A. B.ED21.03.198011.07.2005TrainedConfirmed
8Mrs. Sonia SharmaPGTM.SC16.01.198108.07.2006TrainedConfirmed
9Mrs. Ritu MittalPGTM.SC , M.PHIL, B.ED22.09.198112.07.2008TrainedConfirmed
10Mrs. Sushma MadaanPGTM.COM, B.ED13.11.197015.07.2009TrainedConfirmed
11Mr. Chander VijayPGTMCA06.03.197221.01.2011TrainedConfirmed
12Mrs. Bharti KathuriaPGTM.SC, M.PHIL, B.ED15.07.198208.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
13Mrs. Priyanka MalikPGTMBA, B.ED06.02.198819.04.2012TrainedConfirmed
14Mr. Amit VermaPGTB. TECH24.05.197816.09.2014TrainedProbation
15Mrs. Poonam ZakhmiPGTM.A., M.PHIL, B.ED13.07.196515.07.1996TrainedConfirmed
16Mrs. Jyoti SharmaPGTM.A., B.ED03.02.196522.07.1996TrainedConfirmed
17Mr. Devendra SharmaPGTM.A., M.PHIL, M.ED19.11.197512.07.2003TrainedConfirmed
18Mrs. Cheenu SharmaPGTM.A., M.PHIL, B.ED13.12.198106.07.2013TrainedProbation
19Mrs. Raj RaniTGTM.A., M.ED18.04.196612.07.1995TrainedConfirmed
20Mr. Ram Ashish YadavTGTB.SC, B.ED29.03.196820.07.1990TrainedConfirmed
21Mrs. Ranjeet JangraTGTM.SC, B.ED18.11.197322.07.1996TrainedConfirmed
22Mrs. Sanjeev KaliaTGTM.SC, M.PHIL, M.ED21.12.196705.07.1999TrainedConfirmed
23Mrs. Jagroop KaurTGTM. PED11.01.196813.07.2005TrainedConfirmed
24Mrs. Sudha SharmaTGTM.A., B.ED11.02.196408.07.2006TrainedConfirmed
25Mrs. Ruchika WaliaTGTM.A., B.ED19.03.197808.07.2006TrainedConfirmed
26Mrs. Preeti SharmaTGTM.A., B.ED16.10.197527.07.1998TrainedConfirmed
27Mr. Amit SharmaTGTMPED13.09.197816.08.2010TrainedConfirmed
28Mrs. Seema GuptaTGTM.SC, B.ED27.12.196822.10.1992TrainedConfirmed
29Mr. Jujhar SinghTGTB.F.A.01.11.196508.07.2013TrainedConfirmed
30Mrs. Vandana MehtaTGTB.SC, B.ED28.03.196605.07.1988TrainedConfirmed
31Mrs. Daizy Rani GuptaPGTM.A., B.ED20.01.197111.07.1998TrainedConfirmed
32Mrs. Bindu GoelTGTM.A., B.ED10.07.196303.07.1989TrainedConfirmed
33Mrs. Anita SingalTGTB.SC, B.ED24.08.197515.04.2002TrainedConfirmed
34Mrs. Anjana SharmaTGTM.A., B.ED23.11.196409.07.1994TrainedConfirmed
35Mrs. Neeru DuggalTGTB.SC, B.ED16.12.197224.10.1994TrainedConfirmed
36Mrs. Anju MittalTGTM.A., B.ED28.04.197414.07.1995TrainedConfirmed
37Mrs. Neena KaulTGTM.COM, B.ED29.04.196815.07.1996TrainedConfirmed
38Mrs. Meena BhallaTGTM.A., B.ED09.12.196414.07.1997TrainedConfirmed
39Mrs. Anu ChaudharyTGTB.A., B.ED11.09.196814.07.1997TrainedConfirmed
40Mrs. Kamlesh SharmaTGTB.SC, B.ED06.11.196611.07.1998TrainedConfirmed
41Mrs. Poonam SrivastavaTGTB.SC, B.ED05.08.196611.10.1997TrainedConfirmed
42Mrs. Sunita ChauhanTGTB.SC, B.ED03.09.196204.08.2000TrainedConfirmed
43Mrs. Harpreet GujralTGTB.A., B.ED17.10.197031.07.1999TrainedConfirmed
44Mrs. Victoria SyalTGTB.SC, B.ED03.01.197331.07.2000TrainedConfirmed
45Mrs. Hema JulkaTGTM.A., B.ED20.12.196721.07.2000TrainedConfirmed
46Mrs. Shallu BhasinTGTM.A., B.ED08.12.196905.09.2001TrainedConfirmed
47Mrs. Ritu SehgalTGTB.SC, B.ED31.08.197814.07.2003TrainedConfirmed
48Mrs. Bharti NagpalTGTM.SC, B.ED30.10.197302.05.2011TrainedConfirmed
49Mrs. Gurbinder MalikTGTM.A., M.SC, B.ED08.09.197312.07.2004TrainedConfirmed
50Mrs. Anuradha MittalPRTM.A., B.ED12.11.196909.07.1994TrainedConfirmed
51Mrs. Sneh Lata SharmaPRTB.COM, B.ED22.10.196614.07.1995TrainedConfirmed
52Mrs. RichaPRTM.SC, B.ED15.08.198316.07.2007TrainedConfirmed
53Mrs. Shivani SharmaPRTM.A., B.ED29.11.197421.08.2006TrainedConfirmed
54Mrs. RitaPRTB.A., B.ED, NTT23.07.197017.07.1992TrainedConfirmed
55Mrs. Hema SoodPRTB.A., B.ED, NTT29.04.197013.03.2000TrainedConfirmed
56Mrs. Neeru SharmaPRTB.A., B.ED31.03.196702.07.2008TrainedConfirmed
57Mrs. Deepali AnandPRTB.A., B.ED, NTT06.11.197316.10.1995TrainedConfirmed
58Mrs. MeenaPRTM.A., B.ED, NTT21.0.197507.07.2009TrainedConfirmed
59Mrs. Poonam BadrishPRTB.A., PGDPSE25.04.196411.07.2000TrainedConfirmed
60Mrs. Pooja RajvanshiPRTB.SC, B.ED01.12.197601.12.2010TrainedConfirmed
61Mrs. Prabhpreet KaurPRTMBA, B.ED15.08.198608.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
62Mrs. Mamta SyalPRTM.A., B.ED, PGDCA08.10.197908.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
63Mrs. Indu SharmaPRTM.A., B.ED12.05.197608.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
64Mrs. Reena BhardwajPRTB.A., B.ED10.12.197128.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
65Mrs. Seema SainiPRTB.A., B.ED19.01.197308.07.2010TrainedConfirmed
66Mrs. Mamta TandonPRTM.SC, B.ED23.09.197611.07.2009TrainedConfirmed
67Mrs. Sonia GautamPRTM.A., NTT, PGDCA, B.ED09.12.197812.07.2008TrainedConfirmed
68Mrs. RituPRTM.A., B.ED, NTT28.10.197605.07.1999TrainedConfirmed
69Mrs. Garima SharmaPRTM.A., M.ED17.03.198317.04.2009TrainedConfirmed
70Mrs. Vimmi KhuranaPRTB.A., B.ED18.12.197208.04.2010TrainedConfirmed
71Mrs. Akwinder KaurPRTB.COM, SANGEET BHUSHAN PART-1 KATHAK, PART-1 VOCAL01.12.199006.07.2013TrainedPart time


Mrs. Shailza GoelPRTB.A., PGDCA, NTT27.04.197719.07.2013TrainedProbation
73Mrs. Monika KapoorPRTB.COM, B.ED, PGDCA28.08.197719.07.2013TrainedProbation


Mrs. Manju AroraPGTM.A., B.ED24.10.19701.4.2017TrainedProbation
75Mrs. DeepshikhaNRY/KG TRB.A., B.ED, NTT, GYANI26.02.197927.04.2008Trained Confirmed
76Mrs. Surbhi GargNRY/KG TRB.COM, B.ED, NTT31.05.198131.03.2010TrainedConfirmed
77Ms. VarnikaNRY/KG TRM.A., B.ED11.01.197701.04.2012TrainedProbation
78Mr. Sourabh JainPGTM.SC, B.ED14.10.198801.04.2014TrainedProbation
79Mr. Rishi JainPGTM.SC, B.ED19.08.198801.04.2014TrainedProbation
80Mr. Varun JainPGTM.COM, M.PHIL, B.ED30.04.198201.05.2014TrainedProbation
81Mrs. Sukhvinder KaurTGTM.A., MBA, B.ED11.12.198006.07.2013TrainedProbation
82Mrs. Pooja KatyalPRTMCA30.10.198618.07.2013TrainedProbation
83Mrs. Shikha JaitlyPRTM.SC, PGDCA09.02.198006.07.2013TrainedProbation
84Mrs. Kanika AroraPRTB.SC, B.ED30.07.198907.04.2014TrainedProbation
85Mrs. Ruchika SharmaPRTM.SC, PGDCA, B.ED13.02.198001.04.2014TrainedProbation
86Mrs. Aman PunjNRY/KG TRB.COM, B.ED, M.COM (PURSUING)24.04.198701.05.2013TrainedProbation
87Ms. Aashina ManchandaNRY/KG TRM.COM, B.ED24.02.199201.05.2013TrainedProbation
88Mrs. ShilpaNRY/KG TRB.A., B.ED, M.A. PURSUING21.04.198906.07.2013TrainedContract
89Mrs. Gurmeen Sawhney SoniNRY/KG TRM.COM02.02.197902..07.2018TrainedPart time
90Mrs. Sandhya SareenPRTMBA, B.ED01.08.198006.07.2013TrainedPart time
91Ms. Hema KathuriaPRTB.COM, MFSC, B.ED19.03.197801.07.2016TrainedPart time
92Mr. DeepakMusic TeacherM.A., M.PHIL, PHD(PURSUING)26.09.198311.12.2014TrainedPart time
93Ms. Jyoti VigPRT(Pb)M.A., B.ED9.3.19831.7.2016TrainedPart time
94Ms. Kanika Kaushik Cultural CoordinatorM.COM, MBE, UGC, NET04.04.198715.04.2021TrainedPart Time
95Mr. Ravi Pandey IT and NCC Coordinator 27.04.1989 09.01.2020 Trained Part Time
96Ms. Jasleen Kaur SandhuCounsellorM.A., B.ED08.06.199601.10.2020TrainedPart Time


  1. Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff/ non– teaching staff :
UDC/Fee Clerk/Acct Clerk60%3%1800
Asst. Librarian50%3%1800
Safai Karamchari10%3%1800
Security Guard10%3%1800
Counsellor2200 PER VISIT
  1. Mode of payment of Salary

i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing     :           HDFC BANK

ii) Through single Cheque transfer advice                          :           Yes, Through single cheque

  1. Library facilities :

i) Size of library in sq. feet   :           1071 Sq. Feet

ii) No. of periodicals              :           17

iii)        No. of Dailies             :           10

iv) Reference books class-wise      :

Class I  : 140Class II         : 165Class III :  155Class IV :  167
Class V            : 172Class VI:  197Class VII :  183Class VIII : 87
Class IX:  197Class X: 213Class XI :  207Class XII : 193

v) No. of magazine                      :           16

vi) Others                                      :           18360

vii) No. of Newspapers             :             10

17. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee :

  1. Mrs. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu (Director Principal)
  2. Mrs. Cheenu Sharma ( Convener)
  3. Mrs. Vibha Mittal (Co- convener)
  4. Mrs. Sushma Madaan
  5. Mrs. Vandana Mehta
  6. Mrs. Ritu Manchanda
  7. Mrs. Pooja Rajvanshi
  8. Mrs. Deepshikha
  9. Mr. M. P. Singh
  10. Ms. Navdeep Kaur
  11. Ms. Anita Yadav (Nany)


  1. Section wise enrolment of school for the Current session (2021-22)
Pre KG Rose-11,        ,
LKG Daisy- 30
  UKG  Lily-30               UKG Sunflower – 29
I Jasmine – 33                  I Tulip- 34                   I Orchid – 27

II Carnation -32                II Cyclamen- 31         II Petunia- 33               II Sweet William – 29

III Bougainvillea – 38       III Buttercup- 34     III Chrysanthemum -35            III Gladiolus – 36

IV Iris- 32                             IV Lilac- 31                IV Poppy- 30                 IV Primrose- 30


V Wallflower- 33                  V Fuschia- 35                       V Foxglove- 35                  V Camellia- 33


VI Baneberry- 33            VI Golden Columbine- 33            VI Hibiscus- 36           VI Peony- 33


 VII Snowdrop- 42                   VII Lavender-37           VII Dahlia- 39        VII Crocus- 42


VIII Birds of Paradise- 37          VIII Cherry Blossom- 41             VIII Dandelion- 38        VIII Ixora- 36
IX Blue Jacaranda – 33      IX Gulmohar –35       IX Night Jasmine – 36     IX Pride of India – 33


  X Indian Beech – 43                       X Indian Coral – 42              X Indian Fig – 42               X Indian Mahogany – 41
XI BANYAN-38             XI ASHOKA- 36              XI PEEPAL- 43            XI SANDALWOOD-35

XII Blackberry – 31,                XII Golden Berry – 29           XII Goose berry – 34           XII  Indian Berry – 31           XII Mulberry – 30


  1. Academic Session Period             From APRIL to MARCH
  2. Vacation Period                             From 1st June 2021 to 30th June 2021
  3. Admission Period                          From DECEMBER TO MARCH

From JUNE (Class XI)

CBSE Workshop

S.NoDateWorkshop TitleOrganized byPlatform


April 22, 2020Climate action post Covid worldThe Climate Reality ProjectZoom
2.April 23, 2020How to activate topic with kidsMindsparkZoom
3.April 24-30, 2020Education through virtual classrooms and E-learning technologiesThe S.D. College, AmbalaCantt, HaryanaGoogle Meet
4.May 5, 2020Digital Transformation in educationDr. Manpreet Singh Manna
5.May 4-11, 2020Education through virtual classrooms and E-learning technologiesThe S.D. College, AmbalaCantt, HaryanaGoogle Meet


May 12, 2020Content management in class time managementCBSEGoogle Meet
7.May 12, 2020Essentials of a Lesson plan in ScienceCBSEGoogle Meet
8.May 13-16, 2020UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Implementation in SchoolMind MingleGoogle Meet
9.May 13, 2020Enhancing Life Skills- Self AwarenessCBSEGoogle Meet



May 13, 2020


Content Management in Class- teaching style




Google Meet




May 13, 2020


Dealing with misbehavior in Classrooms




Google Meet

12.May 26, 2020Understanding StressCBSEGoogle Meet
13.May 27, 2020ICT Integration in Teaching ScienceCBSEGoogle Meet
14.May 29, 2020Gender ConstructCBSEGoogle Meet
15.May 30, 2020Recreational MathematicsCBSEGoogle Meet
16.June 6-12, 2020The Climate Reality ProjectIndia BranchZoom
17.June 7,14 2020Aatmoutsav, Mental and Physical Health CampaignYog Guru- PoonamSangwanGoogle Meet
18.June 7, 2020Business Studies Webinar #4Mahavir PublicationsGoogle Meet
19.June 10, 2020Quiz on Annular Solar EclipseMy Government
20.June 14-20, 2020Seven Day Programme on Capacity Building and Soft Skills Enhancement for students and teachersDepartment of English, Sharanbasaveshwar College of ScienceCisco Webex
21.June 15, 2020Reinventing SchoolsRocksportZoom
22.June 16-17, 2020Hindi WebinarSaraswati Publications
23.June 20-21, 2020Promoted Sports SeminarCBSEGoogle Meet
24.July 18,2020Theatre in EducationShoolini UniversityYou Tube
25.July,2020‘The Teacher-Counsellor’ Series of Training Programs For PPP SchoolsICTRC Programs
26.July 25,2020English BoloZoom
27.August 4,2020Global best practices in technology and digitization to enhance student outcomeCBSE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING WEEK(4-10 Aug)Youtube
28.August 5,2020Experiential Learning and Pedagogy in the Primary School YearsCBSE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING WEEK(4-10 Aug)Youtube
29.August 6,2020Continuous professional Development for EducatorsCBSE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING WEEK(4-10 Aug)Youtube
30.August 8,2020Student well being in an altered environment due to the pandemicCBSE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING WEEK(4-10 Aug)Youtube
31.August 10,2020Prescription for the current ’Infodemic’: Engaging and Empowering Students through Media LiteracyCBSE TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING WEEK(4-10 Aug)Youtube
32.August 14,2020Pedagogy Of Environmental StudiesNCERT Online course (16 weeks)
33.August 19,2020Online Awareness Programme on Physical Activity TrainerCBSE Online
34.August 25-26,2020Psycho Educational Training Programme in the field of Guidance and CounsellingICTRC
35.September 9,2020ShikshaParv-Inclusion and EquityCBSE
36.September 10,2020Practitioners ConclaveCBSE
37.September 11,2020Technical SessionsCBSE
38.October 13, 2020Hospitality based Skill Course (Food Production)CBSE
39.October 14, 2020Webinar on Experiential LearningCBSEYoutube
40.October 26, 2020Media Skill CoursesCBSE
41.October 31, 2020Nishtha CoursesNCERTDiskha app
42.November 28, 2020Teacher as a CounsellorICTRCGoogle Meet
43.December 11-12 , 2020National Conference of Sahodaya Schools ComplexCBSENow Virtual Live
44.December 21,2020 – January 4,2021Online Workshop on Android App DevelopmentS.D. College, AmbalaCantt
45.January 15,2021Workshop on NEPCBSE
46.February 9-10, 2021Mental Health Problems in School ChildrenICTRCFacebook
47.February 9,2021Capacity Building Program on MarketingCBSE
48.February 19,2021Webinar Series on NEPCBSEYoutube
49.February 20,2021Webinar Series on Correct me if I’m wrongZOOM
50.February 22,2021Discussion on NEPDirector Principal
51.February 26,2021Free Online Training Courses on Experiential LearningCBSE (Diksha)
52.February 26,2021Free Online Training Courses on Competency based EducationCBSE (Diksha)
53.March 4,2021Webinar on NEPDirector PrincipalFacebook
54.March 5,2021Dealing with disruptions born out of the pandemicICTRCFacebook
55.March 8-26,2021Physical Education and Community Coaching Program for all Women teachersCBSEZoom / Youtube / Facebook
56.March 12,2021Awareness Program on introducing Handicrafts as a Skill module in Middle SchoolCBSEYoutube
57.March 20-30Online Training Programme in Educational Technology learning in collaboration with Google.CBSEYou Tube


April 17, 2021Academic Orientation of Project CACACACA Zoom
59.April 24, 2021Psychological aspect of Child Sexual AbuseCACAZoom
60.May 8,2021Legal Sensitization on POCSO and JJ actCACAZoom
61.May 13, 2021CBSE Economics Workshop CBSEGoogle Meet
62.May 13, 2021Assessment in Business Studies CBSE Google Meet


May 15-24, 2021Captivating PowerPoint CourseThe S.D. College, Ambala CanttMoodle
64.June 1-10, 2021Computer Animation Scratch-Basic LevelThe S.D. College, Ambala CanttMoodle
65.June 14-18, 2021Climate Reality Project Zoom
66.July 2, 2021Seven Secrets of InvestmentsMr. Bobby AggarwalZoom
 67.July 23 , 2021CBSE- Bloom’s Taxonomy and its applicationsMs Gulshan KaurGoogle meet


July 25th- 28th , 2021 


CBSE- Story telling as a PedagogyCBSEWebex
69.July 27 , 2021 


CBSE- Value Education and its SignificanceCBSEWebex   
70.July 28 , 2021 


CBSE- Pre – School Teaching MethodologyCBSEWebex   
71.July 29,  2021


Celebration of completion of one year of NEP 2020CBSEYouTube   
72.July 30th – 31st , 2021CBSE- Workshop on preparing school for accreditation from Quality council of IndiaCBSEWebex
73.August 2 , 2021CBSE- Basics in AccountancyCBSEWebex
74.August 2 , 2021CBSE- NEP


75.August 2  , 2021CBSE- Child Psychology and Developmental StagesCBSEWebex
76.August 2 , 2021


CBSE- Happy Classrooms by Happy TeachersCBSEWebex
77.August 3 , 2021CBSE- Importance of GratitudeCBSEWebex
78.August 3 , 2021CBSE- Joyful MathematicsCBSEWebex


79.August 4 , 2021CBSE- Bloom’s Taxonomy and its ApplicationsCBSEWebex
80.August 4 , 2021CBSE- Anger Free SchoolCBSEWebex
81.August 4 , 2021CBSE- Practicing Blended LearningCBSEWebex
82.August 5, 2021(Thursday)CBSE- Grade IX to XII Based on Evaluation


83.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Essential Components of a Lesson PlanCBSEWebex
84.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Pedagogy and planning in physical EducationCBSEWebex
85.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Hindi bhasha mein Lekhan Sahitya SrijanCBSEWebex
86.August 6 , 2021 

Assessment Reforms with special reference to CBSE scheme of 2021-22

87.August 6 , 2021CBSE- Cyber SecurityCBSEWebex
88. August 6 , 2021CBSE- Education for peaceCBSEWebex
89.August 6, 2021CBSE- Effective Communication Skills


90.August 6 , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in EnglishCBSEWebex
91.August 9 , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in ScienceCBSEWebex
92.August 11 , 2021Behaviour problems in School childrenCBSEZoom
93. August 11  , 2021Free Webinar on How to transform your school to a Hybrid SchoolCBSEGoogle meet
94. August 13 , 2021CBSE- Happy Teachers Create Happy ClassroomsCBSE Webex
95.August 13, 2021CBSE- Environmental Education in PracticeCBSEWebex
96. August 13  , 2021CBSE- Pre-school Teaching MethodologyCBSEWebex
97. August 14  , 2021CBSE Teaching Strategies in Science (Secondary)CBSEWebex
98. August 17  , 2021CBSE- Strategies of teaching HindiCBSEWebex


99.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Essential Components of a Lesson PlanCBSEWebex
100.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Pedagogy and planning in physical EducationCBSEWebex
101.August 5 , 2021CBSE- Hindi bhasha mein Lekhan Sahitya SrijanCBSEWebex
102.August 6 , 2021 

Assessment Reforms with special reference to CBSE scheme of 2021-22

103.August 6 , 2021CBSE- Cyber SecurityCBSEWebex
104. August 6 , 2021CBSE- Education for peaceCBSEWebex
105.August 6, 2021CBSE- Effective Communication Skills


106.August 6 , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in EnglishCBSEWebex
107.August 9 , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in ScienceCBSEWebex
108.August 11 , 2021Behaviour problems in School childrenCBSEZoom
109. August 11  , 2021Free Webinar on How to transform your school to a Hybrid SchoolCBSEGoogle meet
110. August 13 , 2021CBSE- Happy Teachers Create Happy ClassroomsCBSE Webex
111.August 13, 2021CBSE- Environmental Education in PracticeCBSEWebex
112. August 13  , 2021CBSE- Pre-school Teaching MethodologyCBSEWebex
113. August 14  , 2021CBSE Teaching Strategies in Science (Secondary)CBSEWebex
114. August 17  , 2021CBSE- Strategies of teaching HindiCBSEWebex
115. August 17  , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in MathsCBSEWebex
116.August 20  , 2021CBSE-Understanding Multiple IntelligenceCBSEWebex
117.August 20  , 2021CBSE- Bloom’s TaxonomyCBSEWebex
118.August 20  , 2021CBSE- Cyber Security and EthicsCBSEWebex
119. August 20  , 2021Plastics : A New Generation MaterialCBSEMicrosoft Teams
120. August 23  , 2021CBSE- Importance of Personal Hygiene and NutritionCBSEWebex
121.August 23  , 2021CBSE- Experiential Learning in PracticeCBSEWebex
122. August 23  , 2021CBSE- Teaching Strategies in EnglishCBSEWebex
123. August 24  , 2021Parental Concerns on Child Mental Health ICTRCZoom
124.August 24  , 2021Anger Free SchoolsCBSEWebex
125. August 24  , 2021Item Writing –Multiple Choice questionsCBSEWebex
126. August 24  , 2021Salient Features of NEPCBSEWebex
127. August 25  , 2021Pre-School Teaching MaterialCBSEWebex
128.26-08-2021Connecting and Communicating with ParentsCBSEWebex
129. 26-08-2021Basics In AccountancyCBSEWebex
130. 27-08-2021Essential Components  of Lesson PlanCBSEWebex
131.27-08-2021Role of Theatre and Drama in classroomCBSEWebex


27-08-2021Validity Check Prior to Embarking upon Source ContentCBSEWebex
133.28-08-2021Story Telling as PedagogyCBSEWebex
134.31-08-2021Importance of GratitudeCBSEWebex
135.31-08-2021Focussing on Competency Based EducationCBSEWebex
136.01-09-2021Happy Teacher creates Happy ClassroomsCBSEWebex
137.02-09-2021Focusing on Competency based EducationCBSEWebex
138.02-09-2021Story Telling in


139.04-09-2021Basics in AccountancyCBSEWebex
140.08-09-2021Importance Of GratitudeCBSEWebex
141.09-09-2021Practicing Blended LearningCBSEWebex
142.09-09-2021Importance of

Personal Hygiene

143.10-09-2021Bloom’s TaxonomyCBSEWebex
144.10-09-2021Anger Free SchoolsCBSEWebex
145.11-09-2021Basics In AccountancyCBSEWebex
146.13-09-2021Effective Communication SkillsCBSEWebex
147.17-09-2021Teaching Strategies in Social ScienceCBSEWebex
148.17-09-2021Connecting and Communicating with parentsCBSEWebex
149.17-09-2021)Teaching Strategies in HindiCBSEWebex
150.17-09-2021Essential Components of Lesson PlanCBSEWebex
151.18-09-2021Child Psychology- Understanding

Developmental Stages

152.20-09-2021Hindi Bhasha Mein

Lekhan Tatha Sahitya

153.20-09-2021Teaching Strategies in MathematicsCBSEWebex
154.20-09-2021Value Education and its SignificanceCBSEWebex
155.20-09-2021Teaching Strategies in Science(Secondary


156.21-09-2021Fostering Critical and

Creative Literacy

157.22-09-202121st Century SkillsCBSEWebex
158.23-09-2021Experiential Learning in PracticeCBSEWebex
159.23-09-2021Joyful MathematicsCBSEWebex
160.25-09-2021Setting Learning Outcomes in Teaching


161.27-09-2021Working with

Learning Disabilities

162.27-09-2021Health Promoting SchoolsCBSEWebex
163.28-09-2021Teaching Strategies in English (secondary



Multiple Intelligence

165.29-09-2021Change in


166.30-09-2021Decision Making Skills

in Adolescents

167.30-09-2021Content and time



Workshops for Students and Parents

1.June 1 – 10 2021Computer Animation Scratch-Basic LevelS.D. College, Ambala CanttMOODLE


2.August 20 , 2021Plastics : A New Generation MaterialCBSEMICROSOFT TEAMSVI-VIII
3.August 24 , 2021Parental Concerns on Child Mental HealthICTRCZoomParents of Grade VI-VIII
4.September 29, 2021Career CounsellingThe S.D. Vidya School, Ambala CanttOFFLINEIX-XII


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