Our Goals

Provide personalized learning for all students.

Support progression based on mastery of individual student goals.

Embrace a collaborative culture by leveraging and maximizing parent and community partnerships to support accelerated student success.

Require students to play a key role in setting their goals along with their teachers, advisors, counselors, and parents.

Provide a curriculum that balances individualization and vetted best practices.

Design classroom instruction according to individual learning goals and assessment for competency.

Clearly defined expectations coupled with a challenging curriculum, which is set at a high, but achievable, level to foster student success.

To meet the challenge of specific educational goals for students as well as developing resilient, independent and socially adept young children.

To foster sound academics, self-discipline and self-worth, respect for others, co-operative learning and living skills.

To provide a child with a broad and practical learning experience that results in an engaging, comprehensive curriculum.

To ensure that each child receives the care, attention and opportunities which will help them learn, broaden their experiences and develop the self-confidence they need to grow into successful young adults in the twenty first century.